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About Northern Eye
Dr. Robert Currier founded Northern Eye on September 13, 1982, after moving to Alpena.  He purchased the practice of the then recently deceased Dr. Leonard Sachs at 123 N. Second Avenue. Prior to that time, ophthalmology in the Alpena area was attended by Dr. Lynn Riker, Dr. Ed Hier and Dr. Newton.

Dr. Currier began with one exam room and a staff of two. He quickly grew expanding to two exam rooms and later four. Many innovations were introduced to Northern Michigan through Northern Eye such as the first YAG laser and completion of the first corneal onlay graft.

A new office was completed and opened at 127 Park Place in May of 1987 after the old office at 123 North Second Avenue had been in use for five years. The "new" building has a fascinating history.  Having been initially completed in 1907 it was used as a car dealership with working elevator.  When the high school burned down in 1940, the Northern Eye building served as a temporary high school. In the more recent past, the building served as a furniture store, storage for airmen serving overseas, a roller rink and an antique shoppe.

The second story of the building is now an annex to the Alpena County Library. A unique second story walkway is visible from the street connecting the library two floors.